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Hot Products

    • Wholesale PVC Resin Powder Sg3 Sg5 Sg8

      Wholesale PVC Resin Powder Sg3 Sg5 Sg8

      PVC is a thermoplastic resin, which in versatility of processing and application surpasses all other thermoplastic materials. This unique polymer is one of the oldest established plastics. Today, PVC finds applications in insulation of cables, in pipes and hoses, agricultural products, windows and profiles, flooring tiles used in the building industry, blister packaging, films and sheets, foamed leather cloth, curtains, tarpaulins, and also for medical use - for IV, blood bags, etc. The universality of its service properties is such that new areas of application are being continuously developed.

    • Food Grade Sodium Bicarbonate

      Food Grade Sodium Bicarbonate

      The sodium bicarbonate is an acid salt which neutralize generated after by a strong base and a weak acid, when dissolved in water, rendered weakly alkaline. This feature is often used as a leavening agent in the food production process. After effected, Sodium bicarbonate will have residual sodium carbonate, Using too much will make the finished product has base flavor.