Chemical For Rubber Carbon Black N660

Chemical For Rubber Carbon Black N660

It compared with N550, reinforcing the gender is low, the structure is lower, higher inflation, mouth filling quantity is bigger.
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Chemical for rubber carbon black N660


Cas No.: 1333-86-4

EINECS No.: 215-09-9


Purity: 100%

Color: black

Package: 20kg/bag or as customer's request


Model NumberN660
Iodine Absorption Number, g/kg36   +/-4
DBP Absorption Number, 10-5m3/Kg90   +/-5
DBP Absorption Number of   Compressed Sample, 10-5m3/Kg68~82
CTAB Surface Area, 103m2/Kg31~39
Nitrogen Surface Area, 103m2/Kg30~40
Tint Strength-
Heating Loss, %≤1.5
Ash, %≤0.5
Tensile Strength Map, MPa≥-3.5
Extension, %≥10
Map Modulus at 300%, MPa-3.5   +/-1.3


Mainly used in various rubber products such as tyres, rubber overshoes, cable, seal ring, tape etc. Also can be used in relevant industries such as plastic manufacutre.


Used for rubber intensifier and packing, it is about half of rubber consumption of carbon black with 94% of the total, with approximately 60% for tyre manufacture. In addition, also used for printing ink, paint and plastic colorants and plastic products BingBiJi of ultraviolet light, as well as important fertilizerFor many other products, such as electrode, dry, resistors, explosives, cosmetics, and polishing compound.

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