Lubricant Polyethylene Wax PE Wax Or Used As Dispersing Agent Of Pigments

PE wax is derived from ethylene through a process called polymerization. As a completely saturated ethylene homopolymer, it is linear and crystalline. This material can find applications such as blends, plastic additives and rubber manufacture.
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Lubricant Polyethylene Wax PE wax or used as dispersing agent of pigments

Three Models:


1) Characteristics

a. The lubrication good dispersion, low viscosity, containing an inert material, high softening point.

b. To increase the brightness of the light products.

c. With direct resin mixed granulation; low cost, non-toxic.


2) Application

Used as a processing aids for variety of resin for extrusion, blown film, recycle flattening, etc. Can be used for resin deep color masterbatch, function masterbatch, filler masterbatch.


3) Specification

Melting point: 100±5°C.

Molecular Weight: 2000-3000.

Appearance: powder.

Hardness:. MAX5.

Dosage:. 1≈3%.

Packing: 25KG / craft paper bag.



1) Characteristics

a. Higher melting point. Its a products which can substitute for imported PE wax.

b. The high dispersion, lubrication.

c. The high surface gloss.


2) Application

Used as dispersing agent of pigments for deep color masterbatch, filler masterbatch,etc. And organic pigments or inorganic pigments are applicable.


3) Specification

Melting point: 100±5°C.

Molecular weight: 3500-4500.

Appearance: powder.

Hardness: MAX6.

Dosage: 1≈3%.

Packing: 25KG/kraft paper bags.



1) Characteristics

a. with low viscosity, high softening point, good hardness and other performance.

b. non-toxic, good thermal stability,low volatility when it high temperature. On the dispersion of pigment, both excellent external lubrication, and internal lubrication, can improve the processing of plastic production efficiency.

c. under normal temperature,with good humidity resistance, chemical resistance ability, excellent electrical properties, which can improve the appearance of the product.


2) Application

Used as special dispersing agent of toner.


3) Specification

Melting point100±5°C
Molecular weight5000
Packing25KG/kraft paper bags


The differences between the three models: P-100 is a pure wax, without any filler, P-8 30% filler, P-6 50% filler, the filler is calcium carbonate.


In cool and draught place, no exposure to moisture, heat, fire or corrosion, not pile with acid, bases and corrosion goods.

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