99% Liquid Crosslinking Agent TAIC

99% Liquid Crosslinking Agent TAIC

Crosslinking agent TAIC is a crosslinking modifier to a variety of thermoplastic plastics such as LDPE, PVC, CPE, EVA, PS etc
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 99% Liquid Crosslinking agent TAIC 




Chemical Name:     Trially Isocyanurate

CAS No:                 1025-15-6  

EINECS No               213-834-7

Molecular Weight:    249.27

Molecular formula:   C12H15N3O3



  • Heat resistance

  • Mechanical characteristics

  • Hydrolytic resistance

  • Weather resistance


1.   TAIC is a crosslinking modifier to a variety of thermoplastic plastics such as LDPE, PVC, CPE, EVA, PS etc; TAIC is widely used to produce cables for example


2.    TAIC is an assistant vulcanizing agent for rubbers (ethylene propylene rubber, fluorine rubbers, CPE etc.). TAIC can significantly shorten its vulcanizing time, increase intensity, abrasive resistance, solubility, andcorrosion resistance.    


3.    TAIC is a crosslinking agent for acrylic


4.    TAIC is a modifying agent for polyacrylate and poly alkyl acrylate etc., it can provide product a good thermostability, optical performance and processing performance. For this, it is mainly used to improve heat resistant property for plexiglass  


5.    TAIC is a modifying agent for epoxy resin, DAP etc., which can increase product's thermostability, adhesive property, mechanical strength, and dimensional stability. It is mainly used at epoxy resin potting and encapsulating materials   


6.    TAIC is a crosslinking modifier for unsaturated polyester and thermoplastic polyester; it is mainly used to increase the thermostability of hot pressing type unsaturated polyester FRP prodcuts   


7.    TAIC can be used to produce multiplex multilayered safety glass


8.    TAIC is also a raw material for insulating use, it can be used to produce printed circuit board etc. 

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