Ammonium polyphosphate Application

- Sep 28, 2018-

Ammonium polyphosphate (APP) and APP based systems are very efficient halogen free flame retardants mainly used in polyolefins (PE, PP), thermoset resins such as epoxy resins, polyurethane, unsaturated polyester phenolic resins and others. APP is an non-toxic, environmentally friendly material and it does not generate additional quantities of smoke due to the unique mechanism of "Intumescence".


Compared to other halogen free systems, APP requires lower loadings. In thermoplastic formulations APP exhibits a good processability, good retention of mechanical properties and good electrical properties.

In thermosets, APP can be used in combination with ATH , which allows a significant reduction of the total FR filler. These combinations are used in construction and electrical applications. The processability can be improved when the total filler grade is reduced.


Budenheim has developed new coated APP grades, which today extend their field of application due to their capacity to provide a range of materials with an enhanced level of processability, enhanced FR performances and improved long term properties.


Crystalline phase II ammonium polyphosphate is a kind of environment protection nonhalogen flame-retardant cotaining N and P. It has high polymerization degree good heat-stability and small hydroscopicity. It deiffers from the halogen flame-retardant, the expansion carbon film formed during burning shows the flame-retardancy due to insulating heat and air There is low smoke, low toxic and non melting drop. So it is a kind of high efficiency environment protection inorganic flame-retardant.


Crystalling phase II ammonium polyphosphate has a wide range of use. It is suitable for plastic (PP, PE, PVC etc.), polyester, rubber, various advanced expansion fire-retardant paint.