Application of crosslinking agent taic

- Sep 18, 2018-

Crosslinking agent TAIC is High quality crosslinking coagent for improvement of crosslinking efficiency by three functional allyl groups.

With a triazine ring, heat resistance is greatly improved. various polymers can be greatly improved by copolymerization.

(1)Heat resistance
(2)Mechanical characteristics
(3)Hydrolytic resistance
(4)Weather resistance

TAIC can be used in following industry :
1. PE/EVA : Radiation Crosslinking Sheet
2. PE/EVA Shoe,Mat,Toys,Handlegrip ect High-foaming products, TAIC is used as crosslinking agent assistant, It can
improve compression set. Tensile strength、Hardness、Resilience、Flexural modulus for Formula.
3. Wire & Cable of XLPE (Cross linked Polyethylene)
4. NBR (Notrile Butadiene Rubber)
5. Ethylene / propylene rubber is usually called EPDM
6.  Fluorine rubber.
7. EVA film for solar battery encapsulation
8.  Material for polymer alloy

TAIC is widely used as a coagent for peroxide crosslinking or radiation crosslinking of Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE), EPDM, Fluroelaster and so on.

TAIC is availavle for linking by x-ray, y-ray electron or ultra violet ray radiation and the product polyolefines
have the superior insolubility to solvents and the tensile strength at high temperature could be improved.

TAIC is effective modifier to heat resistance with increasing of crosslinking density for peroxide crosslinking
denisty for peroxide crosslinking of CPE. Since TAIC acts as an acceptor of HCI which is envolved from CPE at crosslinking reaction and deterioriates its physical properties.

TAIC is the most effective coagent for crosslinking EVA.

TAIC preferably contributes to promote crosslinking rate and also to improve its heat resistance, compression set and abrasion resistance