Check the Amino Silane Coupling Agent for its role

- Jul 10, 2018-

Some people may ask what the Amino Silane Coupling Agent is. Amino Silane Coupling Agent is a kind of additive that can be used to activate polymer chains by releasing free radicals from heat energy. Professional personage tells us, in the use of Amino Silane Coupling Agent, try to avoid adding acid packing, also be careful when adding antioxidants, other aromatic oil additives, such as the crosslinking effect will have bad influence, it is important to note that.

Amino Silane Coupling Agent containing multiple active functional groups are often material such as dibasic acid and polybasic acid, diamine, isocyanate or compounds containing more than one unsaturated double bond, and sulfur, organic peroxide, metal oxide, etc. Organic peroxide is used as Amino Silane Coupling Agent for vinyl resin, unsaturated polyester, ethylene propylene rubber, silicon rubber, fluoro rubber and polyurethane rubber.

Amino Silane Coupling Agent plays an important role in the modification of adhesive, which can improve adhesion strength, heat resistance, water resistance, chemical resistance, creep resistance and aging resistance. 

Various Amino Silane Coupling agents have different mechanisms, some of which react directly with the active groups of polymer macromolecules to produce cross-linking. Some of them are copolymerized with monomers into the linear macromolecular chain, and then under the action of heat, oxygen and radiation, the intermolecular cross-linking is carried out. Therefore, for different adhesive varieties, appropriate Amino Silane Coupling Agent should be selected to obtain good crosslinking effect.