Crosslinking agent construction industry application

- Jul 10, 2018-

The quality of our lives and the quality of our community experiences depend largely on having a safe and healthy place to live, work and play. We need safe, comfortable, stylish, durable homes, schools, entertainment, hospitals, and places of worship.

Crosslinking agent for improving strength: organic silicon can improve the strength and structural performance of building materials. It can even hold together a variety of different materials, such as concrete, glass, granite, marble, aluminum, steel and plastics.

Crosslinking agent for building protection: Crosslinking agent can protect the integrity of the building structure and make it stand the test of time. 

Silicone sealant (commonly known as organic silica gel), adhesive agent, structural assembly materials and coating has good thermal, wind, wet, and the characteristics of chemical erosion, even under extreme climate article pieces to slow the erosion of outside the building and construction materials.

Crosslinking agent for improved performance: the requirements for materials for modern buildings are unbelievable. 

Organic silicon meets these requirements by increasing the strength of materials and giving design flexibility. For example, organosilicon sealants and assembly materials can make hollow glass panels with better heat resistance, uv resistance and seismic characteristics, so as to achieve sufficient strength for large building structures. Buildings can get more natural lighting without sacrificing structural integrity or isolation. So it's no surprise that some of the world's most spectacular buildings use organic silicon to get good lighting.

Crosslinking agent for heritage protection: organic silicon can be used to repair historic buildings without damaging their appearance. 

The protective layer formed by silicone sealants and adhesives can strengthen the natural materials and enhance their water resistance and air permeability. Therefore, organosilicon can help to restore the strength and air permeability of peeling walls, damaged structures and aging joints without destroying the integrity of the original materials.