How does crosslinking agent bipb recover in 2018

- Jul 10, 2018-

Throughout the "winter" of 2017, seems a little long, environmental protection, logistics, shut down, the whole words, exactly a year that surrounds him, how many chemical companies under pressure of environmental protection, the storm's path, walk on the brink of collapse... Now, it is the end of 2017, and the project has entered a "hibernation period". 

It is believed that every chemical company boss CARES a lot about how to make a vigorous recovery in 2018.

Country round of another round of storm blowing environmental protection, chemical enterprise off one another, but a closer look at, and absolutely must be praised for national policy point, environmental protection is unqualified, sewage, unqualified fire and qualified enterprises require the rectification or shut down, a lot of damage market equilibrium, depress the market price of crosslinking agent bipb factory was gone; On the contrary, formal production and strict control of pollution emissions of enterprises received more and more orders, too busy, ushered in an unprecedented spring. 

It can be seen that environmental protection is not heartless. As long as enterprises strictly follow the national requirements for rectification, environmental protection policies will only be beneficial and only promote the development of enterprises.

Throughout the current crosslinking agent bipb market, there are still many substandard products in production. Under the pressure of environmental protection, the crosslinking agent bipb of mainstream ink has been restricted. Under such circumstances, the development of new, environment-friendly and green crosslinking agent bipb is the focus of the development of coating companies in 2018.

Since the 19th university of China, the state has strongly advocated "green mountain and green water is golden mountain and silver mountain". Therefore, water-based environmental protection products will be the first choice for crosslinking agent bipb in the future. Colour sand tight supply, the market urgently needs a germplasm perceptual and little affected by sand products, water sand bags and colorful crosslinking agent bipb with its unique product characteristics, environmental protection, water quickly to get a number of promotion in the market.