Preparation method for rubber accelerator CBS

- Nov 29, 2018-

The present invention is in the preparation of rubber chemicals, in particular, it relates to a method for preparing a rubber accelerator CBS.

China's rubber industry in recent years has achieved sustained, rapid and healthy development. Raw rubber consumption for six consecutive years to maintain the world, are growing at double-digit rates each year. It provides a broad market space for the development of rubber chemicals. 2001-- 2007 rubber accelerator average annual growth rate of 28%. Wherein Accelerator CBS annual growth rate of 36X.

Accelerator CBS chemical name is N--cyclohexyl-2 - benzothiazole sulfenamide, green adjuvants, is one of the common delayed action accelerators, both short scorch resistance and excellent cure time of two advantages, and other promoters may also increase when a predetermined vulcanized rubber tensile strength and elongation. Slight color change, no blooming, good vulcanizate aging properties.Particularly suitable for the production of radial tires.

1,A method of preparing rubber accelerator CBS agent, characterized in that: comprising the steps of: (1) Synthesis of M crude rubberaccelerator; (2) prepared using a crude M CBS.

2,The method of preparing rubber accelerator CBS claimed in claim 1, characterized in that - the step (1), the carbon disulfide, sulfur, sulfur formulated solution was gravity of 1.3-1.5, parts by weight of the aniline and 350-450 500-600 parts by weight of sulfur dissolved pumped into the autoclave, the autoclave temperature 260 -300 ° C, a pressure 8-10Mpa, reacted for 5 - 8 hours the crude synthetic rubber accelerator M.

3,The method of preparing rubber accelerator CBS claimed in claim 2, wherein: the step (2) consists of the following steps in sequence of: a oxide: 1000-2000 cyclohexylamine parts by weight of 30 wt dubbed -50% aqueous solution, an aqueous solution of cyclohexylamine as a solvent, the obtained crude product M completely dissolved, dissolution temperature 60_ 100 ° C, _2 dissolution time of 1 hour, the dissolving liquid into the oxidation reactor, in parts by weight of 1650-2750 sodium hypochlorite as the oxidant, the oxidation temperature 20 - 5 (TC, oxidation time of 3 - 6 hours;. B washing, dewatering, drying, packaging products.