Production process of crosslinking agent TAC

- Nov 20, 2018-

Cyanuric acid triallyl art production technology

[0001] The present invention relates to a method for preparing special rubber crosslinking agent, is a method for preparing chemical products, in particular cyanuric acid, triallyl production process.

[0002] cyanuric acid triallyl (TAC) Appearance colorless transparent or white liquid crystal, for the trifunctional crosslinker in the reaction, can significantly improve the strength, rigidity and heat resistance of plastic products, can long-term use of the article at about 250 ° C. Thus, it is for preparing high unsaturated polyester, acrylic resin series crosslinking agents new article. Especially suitable for the preparation of high temperature, high strength FRP products; rubber may also be used, the cable industry, to make a highly saturated rubber vulcanization accelerator, vulcanization improving effect; can also be used to make radiation crosslinking polyalkenyl photosensitizers, irradiation reduced volume, wide range of uses.

[0003] In these applications, the TAC required high purity, it also has a very low degree of discoloration of features to represent an APHA color, color should not exceed 10 degrees as possible.

[0004] At present, domestic and foreign production methods reported cyanuric acid triallyl are the following:

[0005] The first embodiment is sodium carbonate process by adding cyanuric chloride to allyl alcohol to sodium carbonate suspension obtained by the method of TAC. In this case, must be formed sodium chloride is filtered off. The obtained turbid to milky reaction product having a purity of less than 90%.

[0006] The second method is toluene, the reaction is carried out in the presence of toluene. While both methods yield and purity may be acceptable, but the complexity of the operation of the process, toluene is particularly serious pollution, energy recovery is particularly large, so that the process cost is high and the product can not completely remove residual toluene, TMAIC the application has been limited.

[0007] A third method is sodium hydroxide, under conditions of the absence of an organic solvent other than propylene alcohol reactant so cyanuric chloride with sodium hydroxide solution, the method of allyl alcohol. The method may be obtained with a purity of about 99% of TAC 10 APHA, but sodium hydroxide TAC decomposition, phase separation time consuming, and formed a large number of emulsion washing, difficult to handle, recycle of excess allyl alcohol, in an aqueous `distillation reaction phase and wash phase, easily divisible allyl alcohol, discoloration easily contaminated, resulting in a corresponding decrease in repeated use increases the quality of the TAC and an APHA color number.