Production process of triallyl cyanurate

- Nov 15, 2018-

The present invention relates to a process for preparing triallyl cyanuric crosslinker (TAC), belonging to the technical field of chemical materials. 

The main steps are:

① a solvent-free low-temperature process to a salt;

② generating triallyl cyanuric chloride;

③ low-temperature vacuum distillation process;

④ obtained by centrifugation cyanuric acid triallyl. 

The main technical feature is implemented by trisodium cyanurate and allyl chloride in the case of other organic solvents in addition to allyl chloride is not present in the reaction, and then purified by continuous cryogenic distillation and membrane filtration in vacuo to obtain a high melamine content triallyl purity greater than 99%, APHA value of less than 10, and more than 95% yield. Which is characterized by low solvent-free production costs, less environmental pollution, good product quality, high yield and strong market competitiveness, and easy industrial application.