Production process of triallyl cyanurate(TAC)

- Nov 22, 2018-

The present invention is directed to solve the existing complex triallyl cyanuric acid production process, high energy consumption, the use of crosslinked products reversion, high production costs, manufacturing process disadvantages such as environmental pollution, embodiments provide an easy, low technical level required, no problem of phase separation and water washing steps triallyl cyanuric acid production process.

Triallyl cyanuric acid production process, comprising the steps of:

 ① solvent-free low-temperature process to a salt of a slight excess of allyl chloride was added to the kettle by pipetting pump,

The frozen solution then turn the reactor jacket, the liquid after the autoclave was cooled to 0 ° C, was slowly added via the vibrating feeder trisodium cyanurate, rapid dissolution reaction was exothermic, controlling the temperature below 10 ° c, allyl chloride and trisodium cyanurate, triallyl generated and cyanuric chloride;

②start cooling circuit with saline, and allyl chloride was cooled to 0 ° C, followed by addition of a total of cyanuric [0014] trisodium, was slowly added via the vibrating feeder, rapid dissolution reaction was exothermic, temperature control at 5 ~ 10 ° C, to generate and cyanuric chloride, triallyl, total addition time of about 60 min;

③low-temperature vacuum distillation process closed cooling circuit with brine, passed through the reactor jacket

After [0016] 40 ~ 45 ° C hot water, and the reaction liquid was warmed to 35 ~ 40 ° C, stirring was continued for 20 minutes, and stabilized with cyanuric acid triallyl IOOppm of hydroquinone monomethyl ether, open water jet vacuum, using a temperature of 35 ~ 40 ° C, allyl chloride was distilled recover unreacted cyclic;

④the distillation was completed, the remaining cyanuric chloride and triallyl mixture in the autoclave, tetrafluoroethylene film into a continuous centrifuge, cyanuric acid triallyl by 0.1-0.5 micron tetrafluoroethylene filter membrane becomes clear and transparent, to obtain three separate Triallyl cyanurate.