Pvc Cable With Triphenyl Phosphite Stabilizer

- Dec 27, 2018-

Pvc Cable With Triphenyl Phosphite Stabilizer

   Worldwide voice continues to protect the Earth, especially in the 20th century, due to advances in science and technology to make human beings living standards continue to improve, there has been a large number of social production, mass consumption and mass disposal of the situation, which led to many environmental problems. Wires and cables for energy transmission and information indispensable material, widely used in various fields of national economy, specific industries unit, each system until the individual electricity and information transfer, and high penetration of a wide range of applications in many other industries products can not be compared. 2003 wire and cable industry output value reached 130 billion yuan, with sales statistics, close to the United States, ranking second in the world.

   Wires and cables currently used, PVC cable materials stabilizer triphenyl phosphite, insulation and PVC jacket material in an amount that is accounted for 80%. When waste wire and cable, PVC material as waste treatment, incineration produces dioxin method, and corrode incinerator, it is usually buried in the way, but with PVC cable shall be added stabilizer, the stabilizer contains a small amount lead, lead will be buried after the dissolution of lead soluble in water, can cause water and soil pollution. It is well known adverse effects of lead on the human body has accumulated, it can damage internal organs (including kidneys, digestive, nervous and reproductive systems). Lead and its compounds and salts have long been regulated material involving exposure factories, many environmental regulations pollution, water pollution and waste disposal have they been strictly controlled. In short, the lead represents a potential increased risk and environmental costs, especially for buildings with underground cables and cable wire and cable may contact the human body. The current trend shows that the use of lead in the future (even when away from the body of the wire and cable) will be limited.

   Wire and cable is now commonly used in domestic stabilizer is mainly lead-based stabilizers and soaps stabilizers. Wherein the low price of lead-based stabilizers, good stabilizing effect, superior electrical insulation properties, to form a stable PbCl2 reaction with HCl, water absorption, suitable for use in wet environments, these favorable conditions making it a PVC cable formulations main stabilizer. But as people are increasingly on their own housing and living environment of care, currently there is a clear trend other than lead stabilizer use. Especially after China joined the WTO, in the wire and cable industry, the power of this change more strongly. In fact, the alternative to lead has existed for many years, the first foreign substitute cadmium or barium / cadmium mix. However, due to bad cadmium plastics, and later developed a barium / zinc and calcium / zinc compounds replace lead, but some user-defined system stable system should be completely free of heavy metals. This completely eliminates the use of lead, cadmium and barium, and calcium / zinc has become an overseas recommended stabilizer system. Many domestic manufacturers stabilizer is also active in research and development of new products and alternatives, generally speaking, lead, cadmium alternatives focused on zinc, barium, calcium / zinc, magnesium-based, organic tin, rare earth and Study aspects of its agent series composite stabilizer. Although barium / zinc also contain heavy metals barium, but its low toxicity, content is also very small. Some companies also direct the development of new products do not contain barium, but the alternative stabilizing system is much complicated, and because of the need to add an organic co-stabilizers (polyols and phosphate), its price is usually much higher. The calcium / zinc stabilizers in cable compound absorbent, affecting the electrical properties to use has been limited. That is, whether at home or abroad, now have not really found a good comprehensive properties and inexpensive mass production of stabilizers instead of lead-based stabilizers. Triphenyl phosphite which is mainly applied to PVC ethylene, polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, polyester, ABS resin, epoxy resin, synthetic rubber antioxidant stabilizer for PVC products as chelating agents.

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  In recent years, China stabilizer development, committed to the development of rare earth metal salt stabilizer. China's rare earth resources are very rich reserves accounting for about 80% of world reserves, the development and use of such stabilizer, either from a cost or from the resource supply are highly potential. PVC cable with triphenyl phosphite stabilizers, China's current stabilizer manufacturers have developed a variety of grades of rare earth metals (such as lanthanide) salt stabilizer, the test proved that the thermal stability of lead salt nor close poison, some grades also have transparency, so it will be in the field you want to focus on our future, thus forming a foreign competitive stabilizer products.

   For now the current situation, completely eliminate lead-based stabilizers also takes time constraint of the community support and legal regulations, but with the growing of their own housing and living environment of care, the environment has become a concern of the whole society a focus, in this situation, the countries in the world, organizations, enterprises and individuals, are actively looking for ways to environmental protection, we believe that in the near future, the widely used non-lead stabilizer and free of heavy metal stabilizers will be realized. When the demand for and use of these products increases, the cost will be further reduced, PVC cable with triphenyl phosphite stabilizer, making it affordable for the majority of lead wires and cables provided by vinyl stabilizer alternatives.