Rubber Antioxidant tmq dosages can have any effect if too much is added

- Jul 10, 2018-

Cars are used in the process of manufacturing a variety of accessories and coating additives, such as adding Rubber Antioxidant tmq was to improve the surface of the special product stick relay, so as to ensure a more optimized coating effect and long durability. When using Rubber Antioxidant tmq, the dosage is 1-5% (by weight), and it must be proportionally matched with paint and cross-linked with paint before it can be used. Too much will make the main paint dry too fast, there will be drum, uneven paint surface, orange peel and other unpredictable problems. 

In addition, Rubber Antioxidant tmq is added too much, which will reduce the adhesion of surface paint and separate it from primer.

Rubber Antioxidant tmq mucilage is mainly used for all kinds of printing, water slurry/pulp, can be generally improved printing paste on non-porous substrate adhesion, enhance paste patience, also can improve the printing coating water washing fastness, anti-sticking effect and high temperature resistance.

Rubber Antioxidant tmq mainly with water-based resin on the hydrophilic group (amino, carboxyl, hydroxyl) reaction, the original linear structure by water-based resin modified form high strength mesh structure, water-based resin is made to reach a good bond strength, high temperature resistant, corrosion, water resistance, adhesion, surface hardness, handle, flexibility, dry and wet rubbing fastness have very big improvement, it can be used for acrylic emulsion latex, synthetic Rubber, polyurethane emulsion, polyvinyl acetate emulsion, and a variety of system to distribution of the emulsion system, such as Rubber Antioxidant tmq. Crosslinking can improve the heat resistance, water resistance, plasticizer resistance and solvent resistance of adhesive. The adhesive strength can also be improved greatly. 

It can also be used with water-based resin in a stable single component system in a suitable PH range for a long time, which is convenient for customers to use. This product is colorless and tasteless, it is a very environment-friendly material.