Specific use method of si-69 silane coupling agent

- Jul 10, 2018-

(1) pretreatment packing method

Will packing in the solid mixer (high speed mixer HENSHEL solid (heng scheer) or v-shaped solid blender, etc.), and will be directly sprayed on the packing and the silane solution mixing, the higher the speed, the better the dispersion effect. Generally stir for 10-30 minutes (the slower the speed, the longer the time), the packing should be dried at 120 degrees Celsius (2 hours) after treatment.

(2) si-69 silane coupling agent aqueous solution

(glass fiber surface treatment agent) : glass fiber surface treatment agent often contains: film forming agent, antistatic agent, surfactant, si-69 silane coupling agent, water. si-69 silane coupling agent dosages generally 0.3% 2% of the total for the glass fiber surface treatment agent, 5 times will first with organic acid or salt aqueous solution PH value to a certain value, under the fully mixing, adding silane until transparent, then add in the rest of the components, for refractory silane, available isopropyl alcohol solution. In the drawing process, the glass fiber surface treatment agent is sprayed on the glass fiber dry, remove the solvent and water.

(3) floor method

5% - 20% of the si-69 silane coupling agent solution as described above, by coating, brush, spray, impregnation processing base material surface, take out to dry for 24 hours at room temperature, best under 120 ℃, bake for 15 minutes.

(4) direct addition method

Silane can also be added directly to the filler/resin mixture. When the resin and the filler mix, silane can be sprayed directly into the mixture. The si-69 silane coupling agent is generally 0.1 percent to 2 percent of the filler, depending on the diameter of the filler. The silicone resin/filler is then molded (extruded, pressed, coated, etc.).