The method of storage triallyl isocyanurate

- Nov 14, 2018-

The present invention relates to a method of storing triallyl isocyanurate.Hereinafter, triallyl isocyanurate (triallyl isocyanurate) is referred to as "TAIC".

TAIC is useful as a heat-resistant and chemical resistance excellent crosslinking agents, electronic materials, liquid crystal, a semiconductor, the use of a wide range of fields such as a solar cell is expected. For example, a printed wiring board, i.e., integrated circuits, resistors, fixed to a number of electronic components surface of the condenser or the like, in a plate-shaped or film-shaped parts constituting an electronic circuit by connecting the parts thereof in the wiring as sealing material for substances such as liquid or gas is prevented from entering the interior of the component, the use of TAIC is proposed. In such proposals, TAIC are the viscous liquid at room temperature (melting point 26 ° C.), and is used as a liquid sealing material. Further, in order to improve its wettability, a silane coupling agent is added. Moreover, TAIC is also used as a crosslinking agent for the crosslinkable polymer.

However, TAIC from the melting point is 26 ° C., and frozen and solidified during storage in the winter, in particular, if it is stored at a relatively large container (drum), there is a considerable time-consuming problem in heating and melting .

Furthermore, TAIC, when handling temperature decreases rapidly increases viscosity, the operability is deteriorated.

The present invention has been made in view of the above circumstances, and its object is to provide a TAIC method storage for preventing freeze solidified during storage in winter.

The present inventor has intensely studied to achieve the above object, the silane coupling agent is added as a wettability enhancing agent during use of the TAIC, prior to the silane coupling agent for use TAIC if added during the storage of the TAIC Te, reduces the melting point of the TAIC, it obtained a finding of possible to prevent freezing solidification during storage in winter TAIC, thereby completing the present invention.

The present invention has been completed based on the above findings and has as its gist, both as compositions by mixing 5 to 30 wt% of silane coupling agent relative to this and triallyl isocyanurate , at least, in an environment in which the composition does not freeze, it resides in the storage method of triallyl isocyanurate, characterized in that by storing includes number of days to freeze curing when stored triallyl isocyanurate alone .

According to the present invention, it is possible to prevent freezing solidification during storage in winter TAIC, in winter, without heat-melting operations TAIC can handle, also stored TAIC does not exhibit a high viscosity Therefore, it is good operability in handling.