Usage of Crosslinking agent TAIC

- Sep 20, 2018-

Caracteristics of Crosslinking agent TAIC:

. Reactive polyfunctional triazine
. Tri functional allylic monomer, the effectivness of allylic crosslinking coagent is much more superior to
vinyl compound ( because radicals created in allylic compounds are stabilized by the allylic resonance )

. It has a thermally stable triazine ring
. It is used as crosslinking agent ( co activator ) for peroxide or radiation crosslinking elastomers

. TAIC cured vulcanisaes show improved :
- crosslinking density ( higher modulus , higher hardness )
- compression set ( very low compression set )
- lower compound viscosity
- better oil , fuel and chemical resistance
- heat resistance ( because of the triazine ring )

. TAIC has minimal effect on scorch compared to coagents like TMPTMA , ZDMA ,HVA 2
. TAIC enhances the electrical properties of elastomer
. TAIC improved also resistance to hydrolysis and weathering
. Liquid above 27 °C
. At low temperatures ( below 10 °C ) , the dry liquid tends to crystallise and
depending on the storage conditions , the state of aggregation may change which
leads to caking of the powder ; the product will easily revert to a free-flowing
powder by mechanical influence
  To maintain the physical form of the product , it is recommended to store the dry liquid at temperature between 10 and 20 °C.

. Level range : from 0.5 to 4 phr of active TAIC, as dosage of peroxide and co activator , we recommend
approximately 2:1

. In FKM , the standard level of TAIC is 3 phr,a lower level of TAIC will result in lower modulus and hardness and higher elongation with a minimal impact on compression set higher levels of TAIC , up to 5 phr will increase modulus and hardness , modestly improve compression set and increase the flow

. In polyolefins , TAIC offers a superior insolubility to solvents and the tensile strength at high temperature could be improved

. In CPE , TAIC is effective modifier to heat resistance with increasing of crosslinking density ( TAIC acts as an acceptor of HCI which is involved from CPE )

. In EVA , TAIC is the most effective coagent for crosslinking EVA,the effectivness of crosslinking coagent which acts in peroxide crosslinking of EVA is as follow :
                   TAIC = TAC > TMPTMA > EGDMA

. In EPDM , TAIC preferably contributes to promote crosslinking rate and also to improve its heat resistance , compression set and abrasion resistance.

. In HNBR / HXNBR , TAIC at a level of 1.5 phr can be used
. TAIC is effective to improve of crosslink density in the vulcanisation of millable polyurethane
. It is less reactive than other vinyl type monomers

. Other functions :
- crosslinking agent for plastic
- intermediate for flame retardant

. Raw materials :
- cyanuric chloride