Analysis On Current Situation And Future Trend Of Silane Coupling Agent Industry In China

- Jul 10, 2018-

In terms of the structure of downstream demand, glass fiber and tire is Silane Coupling agent and the greatest downstream, including radial tyre with Silane Coupling agent 41%, glass fiber with Silane Coupling agent accounted for about 32%, plastic with Silane Coupling agent accounted for about 12%, textile, coating, and other fields of about 20%.

Downstream demand 1: tires

Silane Coupling agent is mainly used in the radial tyre, the main varieties are sulfur Silane Coupling agent, sulfur, 2010 kinds of Silane Coupling agent has production capacity of about 40000 tons.

 output is about 30000 tons, domestic demand is about 40000 tons, therefore needs to import 10000 tons a year of sulfur-containing Silane Coupling agent.

Downstream meridian tyre production growth is slowing, 2011 years after the meridian tyre production growth has remained at about 10%, is affected by this, assuming the same addition, the expected 2012 sulfur Silane Coupling agent consumption growth will remain around 10%.

Downstream demand 2: glass fiber

Silane Coupling agent is a kind of unsaturated olefin with silicone-chloroform and reactive groups added under catalysis. 

It is prepared after alcohol decomposition. Silane Coupling agent containing two groups, one is hydrolyzable group (with inorganic reactions), one is the organic functional groups (with organic reaction), because will be able to establish contact between inorganic and organic matter, therefore is called "Silane Coupling agent".

Kinds of Silane Coupling agent, is the kinds of sulfurous Silane Coupling agent, mainly used in the field of tire, the second is class amino Silane Coupling agent, the basic for the generic class, can be applied to the glass fiber and inorganic material filled plastic products, such as category also includes other vinyl Silane Coupling agent, methyl acryloyl base types, such as oxygen, but the dosage is less.