Flame Retardant Agent Of Variety Many

- Jul 10, 2018-

The general formula different Y groups, Flame Retardant Agent is suitable for kinds of polymer is different also, this is because the group Y on the reaction of selective polymer, such as containing ethylene and methyl acryloyl oxygen based Flame Retardant Agent, particularly effective for unsaturated polyester resin and acrylic resin. The reason for this is that Flame Retardant Agent of unsaturated double bonds in unsaturated double bond and resin under the action of initiator and accelerator, the results of the chemical reaction happened. 

But contains the two groups of Flame Retardant Agent used in epoxy resin and phenolic resin, the effect is not obvious, because of the Flame Retardant Agent of double bond does not participate in the cure reaction of epoxy resin and phenolic resin. But epoxide group of Flame Retardant Agent is especially effective for epoxy resin, and because of epoxy group can react with the hydroxyl unsaturated polyester, so silane on unsaturated polyester containing epoxy groups also apply; And contain amino Flame Retardant Agent of epoxy, phenolic, melamine resin, polyurethane coating is effective. 

- SH in Flame Retardant Agent is the rubber industry widely used varieties.

Through the above two reactions, Flame Retardant Agent by chemical bonds combined with improved polymer and inorganic fillers in composite materials, the adhesion between the performance is greatly improved, then the Flame Retardant Agent treatment effect how? It can be characterized by the calculation of theoretical binding force.

According to the adhesion theory of interfacial chemistry, the dispersion force is mainly considered in the secondary bond adhesion relay of unit area between adhesive and adhesive.

2. Infiltration effect and surface energy theory

In 1963, the Flame Retardant Agent in the review related to the adhesion of surface chemistry and surface energy of the known aspects of content, had come to the conclusion that in the manufacture of composite materials, liquid resin good infiltration of glued objects is the first important thing, if can get fully infiltrates, physical adsorption on the surface of the resin of high energy would provide higher than cohesion strength of the organic resin bonding strength.