The Dosage Of The Flame Retardant Agent

- Jul 10, 2018-

The dosage of the Flame Retardant Agent and Flame Retardant Agent and the kinds of filler surface, Flame Retardant Agent dosage can be calculated by the type

G = (M (A)/B

Type: G - Flame Retardant Agent dosage (G)

Amount of packing (g)

A. Specific surface area of the filler (m':'g ')

B-1 machine silicon coupling agent minimum cladding area (mz/g)

Flame Retardant Agent most packet emblem area precipitation from a solution

The IgFlame Retardant Agent tomb material covered by the packing, different

Flame Retardant Agent its most parcel area is different, see table 1.

If Flame Retardant Agent of the packet tax area and the specific surface area of the packing material is not clear, just start with l % of the weight of packing quantity values of organic silane coupling Agent processing base material packing, and then change the concentration, the experiment method to get the suitable dosage. The dosage of the organic silane coupling Agent brick for processing base material of the packing weight 0.1 2%.

The use of the 7.1 Flame Retardant Agent

The use of Flame Retardant Agent method has the following three types:

(1) surface rendering method: using Flame Retardant Agent solution of Shanghai juji inorganic filler surface, such as glass, plastic or metal surface rendering are such.

(2) the Flame Retardant Agent stick liquid polymer and bean, the so-called overall admixture method.

(3) the stick method is the combination of the above two methods, namely the so-called finishing method. It is made with Flame Retardant Agent and tend to work more than a dedicated aqueous solution of different additives on surface treatment. 

The finish can be pretreated directly after the glass fiber is made.

The application of 7.2 Flame Retardant Agent

With Flame Retardant Agent deal with inorganic filler modified, specific operation is as follows:

Take inorganic filler % of the weight of the Flame Retardant Agent, with two to five times the plate of alcohol aqueous solution (water r alcohol = 1/9) stick together scattered give quantitative inorganic fillers added to deal with the mixing machine to start the mixing, under the room a few minutes will make a good Flame Retardant Agent glycol aqueous solution stick close machine. Continue stirring 5-10 mm, make fully mixing. The temperature of mixing machine in a certain rate rose to 100-150 ℃. Stir stick together again 30-60 mh 1. Then fell to room for selection.